Services | Customs

Customs agency activity:

- We are serving our clients with an advanced clearance service. We managed import, export logistics and   tax warehouse clearance too.
- Because we have authorised addressee license, we can use electronic customs clearance method, to   achieve fast and strict unloading.
- Because we have authorised sender license, we manage outbound (T1) and inbound (T2) customs/items   transmission with the help of TC31 and NTCS (New Computerised Transmission System).
- Because we have authorised exportation license, we are able to use electric system CDPS AIS/AES   (Customs Declaration Processing System) to operate the import and export customs clearance.

Other service in connection with customs clearance:

    - filling in documents ( CMR, TIR, EUR1 )
    - doing loading tasks:
    • - manual
      - mechanical (until 0-6 tons using forklift trucks)
      - crane (until 20 tons) / only with preliminary telephonic negotiation

Bonded warehouse:

- Our type ’A’ bonded warehouse is suitable for storing the commodities which are apart from European   Union. This service is tax-free and available for concern and persons.
- Tax warehouse:
- Our tax warehouse is suitable for the storage of the commodities, which are coming from the European   Union.
- We offer to transact the traffic inside the depository.
- Our depositories can be rent.